Founding Team

Leyla & Falk

A message from our founder falk:

Motorsport has always played a huge role during my childhood. However as life goes, it never materialsed into a huge career but as I grew older, participating in Track Days throughout Europe became by far my favorite activity!

As time passed, I thought to myself that things need to change! Track Days are supposed to fun, easy and about meeting new people. So in 2019 I founded - together with my wife Leyla - GP Days. The all new Track Day expierence: Digital, Friendly and simply wanting to offer you the best time on Track!



Wants to change your Track Day experience for the better!  He also likes to drive a couple of laps himself in the GP MINI!


Takes care of GP Days' operations and gets everything organised, so you can enjoy a smooth day on track!

Master of photography


Makes sure that you have something to share with you friends after our Trackdays!

If not stated otherwise, all pictures have been shot by Dennis!

Dennis' Homepage: LINK

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