Why we do things differently: PART II Keeping it online (A Reminder)

After we've touched on our E-Briefing as the main part of our automated check-in system during the previous post, we want to dive a bit deeper into what else we are working on to further improve the process. If you've been following us for a while, this post might not be news to you however we regard it as a reminder as bookings for the 2020 season will open soon.

The more people use the opportunity to check-in online, the smoother the overall experience will be for everyone! Skipping the mandatory drivers briefing ahead of a track day and replacing it with our online E-Briefing already means that the most time consuming part of the track day preparation is out of the way before you even arrive at the circuit. We don't want to stop there though. Another focus area of our development efforts evolves around processing all other necessary documents such as liability waivers ahead of the track day - online via our homepage.

The Feedback regarding the E-Briefing after our last track day in Mettet was more than posivite. Our drivers have felt better prepared compared to a traditional on-site briefing. In addition, the morning was extremely relaxed - there was absolutely no time pressure and people arrived well rested to enjoy their day on track

In the run up to our last track day in Mettet, we asked all participants to submit their liability waivers via E-Mail. With more than 50% of the drivers doing exactly that and watching the E-Briefing,we reduced waiting times to less than a minute for each participant and sped up the process significantly.

GP Days Track Day (Trackday) fast check in registration and administration

To recap, our online check in consists of two main steps:

  1. The E-Briefing
  2. The submission of all documents ahead arriving at the track

In the perfect scenario (in which you submitted the documents and watched the E-Briefing), there won't be any waiting time for any of the drivers. As we prepare all you need in advance, you simply state your name at the on-site check in, we verify that you completed all the required steps and you are good to go. There is nothing else to do from your side except enjoying the day.

We are still trying to find a way to streamline the submission of the documents to seamlessly integrate the process into our homepage. However, from a legal and technical perspective that seems to be an issue not that easy to solve in the short term. If anyone of you has any ideas how to technically solve something like this, we are more than open to have a discussion on this! As a result, we expect to still be depended on you sending us an E-Mail with the liability waiver ahead of the track day once the track day bookings open for 2020.

As a takeaway and friendly reminder for our upcoming events, please pay attention to the following after you booked you track day via our homepage:

      • The booking confirmation will include a link to download the liability waivers in English and German. We are trying to add a French liability waiver as soon as possible
        • Please send us the liability waivers of all participants including the driver, any additional drivers as well as passengers. This will ensure a very smooth registration process
      • The booking confirmation will also include a link to our E-Briefing video. Please ensure that drivers and additional drivers watch the video and confirm that they completed the briefing separately. Passengers don't have to watch the briefing!

      If you have other suggestions on what we can improve to make your experience even more, feel free to leave a comment right here! Any tips on how to implement these steps even more seemlesly (from a technical side) are more than appreciated as well!

      • Your GP Days Team

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