GP Days and Racetrack Coach want to make you faster on track!

As many of you know, GP Days is trying to digitalise the entire Track Day experience. We're aiming to improve the booking experience and keep all administrative tasks as simple and digital as possible. The best example for this is our E-Briefing. Now we're getting one step closer.

We are more than excited to announce our cooperation with Racetrack Coach ("RTC"). The all new, app-based platform to connect motorsport enthusiasts with highly qualified coaches is a valuable part on our route to digitalisation.

RTC's app - available for iOS and Android - boasts the largest and most up to date racetrack database with integrated journaling functionality. After your coaching session, your coach will be able to send you all notes and video recordings directly to your RTC app profile, where you have the possibilty to analyse your driving wherever and whenever you want - bascially having your coach in your pocket at all times.

Check-out our Bilster Berg and Dijon Track Days, where you can book your personal coach right through our homepage!

To find out more, CLICK HERE!

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