Bilstein x GP Days

We are happy to announce that we'll officially partner with Bilstein for the 2022 Track Day season. Not only are we almost neighbours with the Bilstein HQ located in Bochum (Germany) and GP Days in Essen (Germany), after many conversations and meetings it also became clear that we share the same passion for Track Day driving and motorsports.

What does it mean for you?

Of course, nothing changes with how we run our Track Days - they just get a bit better! Bilstein will be present during some of our events, offering you Taxi rides in their cars, helping you with setting up your car properly (wheel load scale, advice on suspension changes, etc.) and much more!

Bilstein will join us for the first time this year for our the GP Days Track Day at the Circuit Dijon Prenois on the 31 May! Some more information on the exact program you can expect will be released shortly!

In addition, we'll be joining Bilstein during their event on the Nordschleife at the end of March. This will also be the first time, we're going to try out a Bilstein supension set in our GR Yaris!

Watch this space for some epic content to come in the future!

Toyota Supra Bilstein GP Days Track Days Open Pitlane

Have you already checked out Bilstein's article of when they visted us at our Circuit Mettet Trackday last year? Click here!

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