Why GP Days?

Because We Care!

You may think that it does not matter which organiser you choose to spend your day on track with. It is just about driving, right? That is what we used to think as well! However, by booking a GP Days Track Day you can be sure you are only dealing with people who truly care, understand what defines a good Track Day and do everything to make sure you are leaving with a smile on your face and with lots of good memories!

What can you expect from a GP Days Track Day?

1. Pure Driving Pleasure

Your driving experience is our top priority. That is why we run one format only - Open Pitlane!

Forget about the stress and hectic of a sessioned Track Day. You can drive as much as you want, enter and exit the circuit whenever you want and take a break whenever you want. The day is yours!

Our days are open to drivers of all skill levels and almost any type of cars. 

2. An "All-Inclusive" Experience

It is all about sharing, right? We will provide you with professional images after each Track Day - downloadable, in full resolution without watermarks. Of course included in the price!

In addition, we want you to be able to take friends with you on track hassle free. That is why passengers ride along for free with GP Days!

Many of our Track Days also include an "Open Bar" of drinks and light snacks available for you the entire day.

3. All things Digital

Gone are the times of annoying paperwork early in the morning and having to attend a drivers briefing half asleep without being able to hear half of the things being said.

Once you booked a Track Day, you will gain access to our "E-Briefing" and "Online-Briefing-Room". Here you will be able to watch the briefing video and submit all the necessary documents online. 

You can take as much time as you want to study the briefing documents and watch the corresponding videos to truly prepare for your Track Day. As the E-Briefing plays a significant role for your and everyone elses safety on track, we also hold a live online session a couple of days before our events, so participants can ask questions.

If you completed all the steps outlined in the E-Briefing before the event, you can simply pick up your grid numbers upon your arrival. Apart from having almost no waiting time while checking-in, you can also decide when to start your day. We do not have "fixed" arrival times.

4. Tight-Knit Community

We love if our Track Days connect different people and enable our participants to form new friendships with like-minded people.

To make exchanging your experience even easier, we have created the GP Days Trackday Community on Facebook. It is open for everyone who shares the same passion as we do!

Join our group HERE!

5. Transparency and Fairness

We want you to know exactly what your getting yourself into. Nobody likes unpleasent suprises. That is why we have created a transparent Cancellation Policy which clearly outlines what happens if you cannot attend a Track Day you have booked - but we go beyond that!

Above all stands our promise to refund the full Track Day Fee as long as we find a replacement driver - no matter when you cancel (even one day before the event).

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or get in touch with our Team!

We cannot wait to meet you on track!