GP Academy #2: How to prepare for a Track Day [Part II]

As with many things in life, organisation is also key when it comes to having a great Track Day!

Arriving prepared, with everything you may need at the race track will make you more relaxed and give you the peace of mind to stay focussed throughout the day.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is being unloaded from a trailer during a GP Days Open Pitlane Track Day in Dijon Prenois

Let's have a look at what we deem to be the most important things to think about. At the end of this post, you can also download our GP Days Track Day Check List to make sure that you won't forget anything next time!

Tools you should take to every Track Day adventure

Participants working on their cars during a GP Days Open Pitlane Track Day

A Track Day is not a competition, and in the end, your equipment will not make you a better, faster or more awesome driver. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you take some basic parts to each Track Day - there might be little things coming up with your car that are easy to fix but if neglected may spoil your day: Basic Tool Kit

  • Tyre Pressure Gauge
  • Torque Wrench
  • Cable Ties
  • Gaffer Tape

Rest assured though, we'll always take a basic set of tools with us as well and won't let you hanging. What's even better though is that you'll know that there're lots of helping hands (Yes, the other participants!) around the paddock during the Track Day that won't think twice of helping you in case something goes wrong!

You'll just have to ask! We are always impressed with some people bringing what's seemingly a mobile work shop to the track!

Track Day Clothing 

The only mandatory and essential piece of equipment each driver and passenger have to bring to a Track Day are helmets. You will not be able to drive without one!

In most cases, you do not need fireproof clothing or wear a HANS-device; we still recommend long clothes for your drive and suitable shoes! This means something with a thin sole that gives you a good feeling of the pedals while out on track!

A man putting a helmet on and a racing suit hanging over the wing of a BMW E30 M3 during a GP Days Open Pitlane Track Day at Salzburgring

If you participate in Track Days fairly often, we definitely recommend to invest into a proper HANS device and suitable helmet though (especially if your car is equipped with a 4/6 point harness!).

While severe accidents are rare, if they happen (and it might not even be due to you making a mistake but something on your car breaking), you won't to be as equipped as possible. Also don't feel you're going over the top if you have a proper race suit at hand and want to wear it during your Track Day. Yes, it's in no way shape or form a race or competition, but you will still be going fast and it's always best to be as safe as possible.

In case a specific track imposes certain rules on equipment, we'll let you know in the Track Day description as well as E-Briefing! Otherwise, you'll be fine with what we've written above.

Do you need something else?

A BMW E36 M3 in a trailer during a GP Days Open Pitlane Track Day at Circuit Diijon Prenois

The physical element of track driving is almost always underestimated. I found that bringing a spare set of clothes – at least a T-Shirt and Jumper might just make you feel that tiny bit more comfortable. Especially on your journey home, you will appreciate a nice crisp shirt!

Download our “GP Days Track Day Check List” for a comprehensive packing list for your next Track Day adventure!

We expect our Track Day Check List to be evolving over time and I would be very happy if you let us know if we are missing any important items that you cannot live without on track.

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